UX/UI and Visual Designer

I have extensive experience in UX design, UI design, front end development, and visual design.  

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Stay active and get rewarded with the activity tracker

The activity tracker allows you to connect existing devices like Fitbit and Apple watch and get discounts and rewards for staying active.

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Take control of your back pain with Empowered decisions

Empowered decisions helps you take charge of neck, back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain with resources proven to boost activity and decrease pain. It helps you avoid pills and surgeries so you can take full control of your life.

Empowered decisions back pain interface

Create your own pet emoji with Petmoji

Petmoji lets you build your own customized pet emoji, download it and share it on social media.

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Virtual doctor visit 

Visit a doctor virtually through Sharp's telehealth interface.


Landing pages for recruiting and company events

Series of landing splash pages created for recruiting events and company events.

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About Ernesto

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I have worked in the design industry for over 10 years. Having had the opportunity to work as a UX Designer, UI designer, multimedia and front-end developer has made me a well-versed designer. Having experience in UX research helps me to better understand the user, the problem, and create solutions driven by research data. I've learned that it is critical to balance the user's needs with the business and timeline as well as technical constraints. Having experience in web development has helped me communicate better with developers in building better products together. I love building beautiful interfaces that speak to users with simplicity and easy-to-use designs. Having a degree in graphic design helps me to create beautiful interfaces and understand the concepts of layout, color, typography, spacing, and everything that makes an aesthetically pleasing experience.

I've conducted user interviews, user research, collaborative brainstorming sessions, prototyping, usability testing, customer journeys and worked with teams in building design systems, pattern libraries and sharable components.

My process

To come up with great solutions, I must first understand what it is I'm trying to solve and truly understand the problem. I like to work with the right stakeholders and ask a lot of questions. I excel at collaborating across different skillsets and getting people together to brainstorm. Coming up with the right solutions is no longer the task of a one-man show, it truly takes a village to solve complex problems. After understanding the problem I find ways to test out the assumptions. Starting with sketches is a great way to quickly get ideas out. Once I have more concrete ideas I like to prototype with low-fidelity wireframes or sketches. After conducting usability testing I can learn if the flow works and if I need to make adjustments. It is a constant iteration working with, developers, other teams, stakeholders, content writers, and scrum teams to get feedback, adjust, get feedback from users and make changes until I know that we have addressed the user pain-points.


San Diego, CA
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