Senior UX/UI Designer

With extensive UX/UI design experience, I'm captivated by design psychology and user journeys. Understanding user motivations, desires, and business goals, I craft intuitive interfaces and products that harmonize user needs and business objectives. Across varied environments, from agencies to corporate settings, I approach my role with empathy and dedication, consistently delivering superb user-centered experiences.

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Case Study Coming Soon

Eyecare Portal

Desktop and mobile interface portal for eyecare patients.

  • ECP Dashboard image

Empowered Decisions

Take control of your back pain.

Empowered decisions back pain interface

Krispy Kreme Loyalty Program

Indulge in Delightful Rewards with Krispy Kreme Rewards Program

Krispy Kreme phone screens

Virtual doctor visit

Visit a doctor virtually through Sharp's telehealth interface.


Activity Tracker

The activity tracker allows you to connect existing devices like Fitbit and Apple watch and get discounts and rewards for staying active.

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Petmoji lets you build your own customized pet emoji, download it and share it on social media.

Petmoji app preview

Landing pages for recruiting and company events

Series of landing splash pages created for recruiting events and company events.

Petmoji app preview

About Ernesto

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With over a decade of experience in the design industry, I've traversed a diverse landscape, donning roles as a UX Designer, UI Designer, multimedia enthusiast, and front-end developer. This extensive journey has woven me into a versatile designer, adept at navigating the intricate realms of user experience and interface design. My proficiency in UX research equips me to not only comprehend users' needs but also to fathom the core problems they face, enabling me to fashion solutions rooted in research-driven insights. I've come to recognize the delicate equilibrium between user demands, business objectives, timelines, and technical constraints – a realization that forms the bedrock of my design philosophy.

Having ventured into the realm of web development, I've cultivated a fluent language of collaboration with developers, facilitating the creation of more refined and harmonious products. My passion finds its zenith in crafting elegant interfaces that speak to users through their inherent simplicity and user-friendly designs. Backed by a graphic design degree, I possess an innate understanding of the nuanced aspects of layout, color theory, typography, and spacing – the very essence of crafting aesthetically gratifying experiences.

I'm no stranger to the toolkit of a design craftsman: my repertoire includes conducting user interviews, spearheading user research initiatives, orchestrating collaborative brainstorming sessions, rapid prototyping, methodical usability testing, and meticulously mapping customer journeys. My collaborative spirit shines through in my collaborations with teams, where I've contributed to the construction of design systems, pattern libraries, and reusable components – all in pursuit of creating not just standalone designs, but holistic and consistent design ecosystems.

My process

Crafting effective solutions is a journey of deep understanding, nurtured through collaboration with stakeholders and driven by curiosity. Collaboration across diverse skills sparks brainstorming sessions that enrich problem-solving. It's a collective effort, not solitary.

Once immersed in the challenge, I validate assumptions through sketches, swiftly capturing concepts. As ideas crystallize, low-fidelity prototypes give them form. Usability testing adds clarity, spotlighting areas for refinement.

My process thrives on constant iteration. Feedback from developers, teams, stakeholders, content creators, and agile units refines designs, echoing user needs. This dance of refinement continues, weaving a symphony of transformation. Each step is an integral note in the journey, composing an impactful process.


San Diego, CA
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