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Empowered Decisions
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Project Overview

Project Role

  • Ideation
  • User Research
  • Collaboration with UX designers and Developers
  • User Testing
  • Wireframes
  • High-Fidelity Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • User Flows

Empowered-Decisions.com (EMD) is website focused on helping users with back pain, to improve their pain and avoid back surgery. EMD helps users through a user-tailored experience to help and guide the user through articles and videos while also having a personal coach that helps them through an online specific and tailored path.

Research and Brainstorming

The dashboard was one of the most important parts of Empowered Decisions. Our initial brainstorming was around how the user will advance through course materials like articles, videos and informational documents tailored to their pain level.

EMD sketches

We brainstormed on what motivates the user. Trying to use habit forming techniques to get the user to adopt new lifestyle and make exercise part of their daily routine and empowering the user to take charge of their pain.

EMD sketches


After conducting extensive research we started building low-fidelity wireframes on the dashbaord. The dashboard was the user has to view content related to back pain and tailored to their needs. The dashboard was called the Action Plan, because the user has to take action on their backpain and is assigned items to read and complete to get to the next level. The user interacts with a coach who assigns the articles.

EMD sketches
EMD sketches

Dashboard and high fidelity mockups

The dashboard became simpler than we originally planned. The simpler it was the easier for the user to get through their action items and complete them. When the user reads or views and item and clicks on complete, that items moves into their history.

EMD dashboard
EMD dashboard

Mobile App

For the EMD app we wanted to tailor notifications and app specific alerts that can guide and remind the user to complete tasks. We had to settle with an MVP version of the application for the sake of time. The app was a way for users complete articles and view exercise videos at the confort of their mobile device.

EMD mobile screens

To come up with ideas for the app we did a two week brainstorming session where many stakeholders got together to brainstorm and hash out main features of the app. This is when we realized that we needed to stick with an MVP and decided to slim down the app.

EMD mobile screens

Resource Library

The resource library is where all information related to back pain and exercises is found. We worked on ways to display the information and how users will search for articles and exercises.

EMD resource library
EMD sample of back pain article

Establishing a Pattern Library

Once all the major parts of the website are figured out we can start working with developers and with marketing materials to come up with a pattern library. With the pattern library we figure out form elements, typography, color and components.

EMD sketches


EMD Login Prototypes

EMD Tour Prototypes

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