Empowered Decisions

Back pain personalized management.

The Problem

The company saw an opportunity to help users who suffered from back pain avoid back surgery. Empowered Decisions was created to cut down the cost of surgery and help people get back to living and enjoying life without back pain.

We needed to find out how to provide users with tools, information, and a guide to improving their back pain.

The Solution

How might we help users have a healthier back and get back to enjoying an active life free of back pain?

We wanted to help users by providing them with online resources, guides, audio lessons, self-care tips that they can follow to improve their back pain.

Project Role

Visual Designer, Prototyping, Ideation, User Testing


Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop
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Hope persona


The primary work I did was working on the action plan and helping with the visual part of the website.

The action plan was designed to help the user follow online resources recommended by a coach which the user can complete and gradually improve as they move through the guided track.

We initially wanted to allow the user to pick their action items based on the recommended but instead, we opted for having the coach guide the user and pick the items based on a course and from interactions with the user.

Types of Resources

We explored the different ways we can educate users on back pain and create healthy lifestyles to improve back pain.

Action Plan Sketches
Action Plan Sketches


I created the initial wireframes of the dashboard and the action plan. After user testing, we realized that there was confusion between the journal and the action items. We decided to simplify the action plan and we came up with creating just a dashboard with the action plans.

APain profile

The pain profile was an initial user survey that helps us place the user at a pain level and create a tailored guide fo that user.

EMD Wireframes


We conducted user testing on the initial concepts for the Dashboard and the Journal entry. After research and feedback, we realized this was confusing to the user so we recreated the experience and simplified it.

EMD Wireframes

Dashboard and high fidelity mockups

The dashboard became simpler than we originally planned. The simpler the interface was, the easier for the user to get through their action items and complete them.

EMD dashboard
EMD Screens

UI Elements

I also helped to create the pattern library collaborating with Marketing and front-end creating, forms, buttons, type and establishing color from Marketing's branding.

EMD sketches
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