Splash pages

Landing pages for recruiting events and other company events.

The Problem

Create landing pages for recruiting events, attract top talent, and promote company events without the need for development due to time constraints.

The Solution

Quickly learned how to use a platform that creates splash pages, learned the tool and worked with marketing on possible solutions.

Project Role

Ideation, Sketches, Visual Design, Build and customize page layout


Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Splashthat, CSS, HTML

Recruiting page for new company location

The company needed a quick landing page to recruit top talent and fill positions for a new location in Temecula California. Our goal was to use photography to show the company's culture. Highlight technology and company benefits. The project was successful and we were able to recruit top talent in the company's largest recruiting happy hour event ever.

ASH Recruiting event

Recruiting page to attract interns

Another recruiting event, this event was geared towards attracting interns. We wanted to highlight the benefits of working at the company and the great company culture.

ASH Internship

5K company run

This was the first-ever 5K run/walk company event. It attracted hundreds of participants across many states and it became a popular company event. The splash page was created to promote the event, provide information about the event, and get employees across multiple states to sign-up and participate.

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